Responsible travel policy

We at ‘Green Valleys’ are happy to offer you high quality tours and holiday packages with a strong focus on Green tourism.
As experts in sightseeing, driven by quality services and environmentally friendly concepts, all of our tours and holiday packages make them the best ways to immerse you in the local traditions.
As a matter of fact, the use of small groups up to 18 participants in the combinations of unique style of the places, environmentally friendly concept and specially selected hotels orientated to the green tourism offers guests an unforgettable touch to the power and gifts of nature.


Policy aims 
We at ‘Green Valleys’ are with a strong focus on Green tourism and strongly believe that everything starts at home.
As a company oriented to green tourism, we maintain strong recycling policies, energy conservation measures, avoiding using paper tickets and paper advertising materials.
We engage our operatives with regular training in the way to improve our vision of reducing as much as possible the pollutant and be very positive examples to our clients and locals.

Reducing carbon emissions
Our fleet, the company, is strongly determined to use environmentally friendly and electric vehicles for the transfers and where possible public transport, which we believe helps a lot to reduce the carbon footprint.
The various education activities run by the company to the operatives and partners such as: avoid waste, cut food waste, plant trees, use of reusable bags, drive less etc.
Our hotels (Partners)have great policies for reducing the pollution, use of renewable energy for heat-ting, use of natural sources of thermal mineral water and run various activities to educate the locals and the guests of benefits to live more and more environmentally friendly.



Protecting and restoring nature and biodiversity
As many of our excursions and hiking treks are in National Parks protected areas, which contain rare and endangered wildlife species and communities. Self-regulating ecosystems of biological diversity, as well as historic sites of global cultural and scientific significance. Some of the largest rivers in the Balkan Peninsula originate here.
Therefore, our trip leaders considered it of great importance to give correct information to our guests regarding behavior in a national park or the local area to reduce as much as possible the human footprint and be environmentally friendly.
In all of our holidays, we make sure that we are working with partners who help develop the local economy (use of mainly local farms, organic, plant-based wholefoods) and usefully reduce the pollution.

Providing local benefits from tourism, especially to the marginalized
We provide all our guests with an information pack in advance regarding the local rules or guidelines that will affect the them.
All of our tours encourage clients to have a positive effect by engaging with locals, using local facilities and investing in traditional gifts and local produce.
Additionally, the money from visitors is used to maintain footpaths, churches. local museums and cultural monuments from being damaged with people walking in protected areas.