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We have been offering the best tours in Bulgaria and with our knowledge and experts, we are well placed to offer private tours with itineraries Tailor-Made to satisfy your interests.

Can cater for groups of any size and whether you want a day trip, a multi-day tour in Bulgaria, team building or an airport transfer we can help.
Green Valleys will design an itinerary to suit your budget and requirements to help you get the most out of your trip. No matter where you would like  to go or what special interest you may have. We will put together a tour that will deliver an unforgettable experience.

Possible tours themes included

Countryside and vineyard

Wine tasting-the finest wine made by Thracians recipe. For all guests with an attitude of wines we offer a variety of wine tasting. Through them you not only get useful knowledge about the Thracian''s wine but you will also get the chance to gather a lot of impressions by testing several brands of wines.

Spa and Wine

We have chosen for you "Spa and Wellness" residence which are one of the pearls in the crown of the Bulgarian "Spa" tourism. Guests can enjoy thermal mineral water unique style and first class facilities. Among the therapies offered you can enjoy classic and wine treatment each offering one of a kind pleasure for senses as well as benefits for heath.


You will have opportunity to visit the most interesting caves in Bulgaria from Paleolithic period (8,000 B.C). "UNESCO" World Heritage sites (tentative list), the cave where the mythical singer Orpheus descended into the kingdom of Hades to save his beloved Euridyce and much more.

Horse riding and Hot air balloon

Lets Saddle up! Advanced riders or absolute beginners, there’s a riding getaway out there for you. Riding breaks are great fun for animal-loving folks, and even families with very young children can get involved. Whether you’re looking for beginner lessons with a riding instructor to learn the basics, or want to join some longer rides requiring more experience, there’s something in the list below to suit you.

History & Heritage

Discover some of our most iconic historical buildings and sites built centuries ago. Museums, Thracian's sanctuaries, Medieval castles, Cathedrals, Monasteries, mountains, caves, old vine yards and water installations before the technology revolution and etc.

Quad Bike-All-Terrain Vehicle

The experience of Quad Biking in Bulgaria is a great fun. "Green Valleys" can offer fantastic quad biking sites located in the mountains with tracks to suit all abilities, we have something for everyone. As well as the quad biking we can organised another adventure so you can make a full day out in the mountain. We can organise accommodations and transport for any size group.

Early Christianity Tour

Choose to visit the cradle of Christianity in Bulgaria and explore other early Christianity sites.

Gyrocopter/Paragliding flying Fun

Our "Gyrocopter" are elegant, stylish, comfortable, light, with a spacious and luxurious cabin combined with an attention to details.The "J-RO" is an invitation to fly to new destinations. On the board you are treated to exceptional panoramic views at the Central Balkan National Park, you will enjoy a truly entertaining flight!

Sea side breaks

If you are group or part of one in a search of your Sea side holiday. "GREEN VALLEYS" Travel is well placed to offer private tours with itineraries Tailor-Made to suit your interests.

Taste of Bulgaria

With some of the greatest produce around and incredible restaurants , Bulgaria is a foodie's paradise. You will visit thematic country restaurant, relax at the charming atmosphere while being served delicious cooked food and taste a local wine made by finest Thracian recipe.

Hiking tours

Trails in Mountain (National Park Rila, Rhodopy Mountain, Pirin, Stara Planina etc). with our expert storytelling guides.

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